As an Aetna Whole Health member you can use Aetna’s online member tools, such as:

Navigator® is your secure member portal that's available 24/7. Once you’re signed up and signed in, you can:

  • Find a PrimeCare doctor
  • Compare costs for office visits, tests and procedures
  • Store and share your personal health history
  • View your claims and Explanation of Benefits statements
  • Track your health goals

DocFind® is where you can search for doctors by provider type, condition and/or procedure. And if you log in through Navigator, you’ll see your PrimeCare Physicians Plans doctors and facilities.

Member Payment Estimator calculates your out-of-pocket costs for office visits, tests or surgeries at up to 10 different in-network doctors or facilities at once. So you can compare, plan for and manage costs – and avoid surprises.

Personal Health Record (PHR) connects you and your care team to your health information, and helps you play a more active role managing your health.

Aetna Web and Mobile App lets you check symptoms, find a doctor, get a cost estimate, make an appointment, pay a bill or check your health savings account balance from your smartphone.

Aetna Whole HealthSM uses information from your Personal Health Record to help you research symptoms, get the latest tips and trends on treatment plans, learn about commonly prescribed medications, search for doctors and specialists in your area and use the health map feature.

Intelihealth brings you consumer-friendly health news, disease and condition information and risk assessments to empower you to live a healthier life.

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